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Summary of Contents

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10Spin reduction and Rinse Hold optionProgramme knob It allows you to switch the appliance On/Off and/or to select aprogramme.DisplayBAThe display s

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Door lock indicator This indicator illuminates when the programme starts and indi-cates if the door can be opened:• indicator on: the door cannot be o

Page 4 - Safety information

Spin reduction button By pressing this button you can change the spin speed of the se-lected programme.The relevant indicator illuminates.Rinse Hold o

Page 5 - General Safety

Measure out detergent and fabricsoftenerPour the detergentinto the main washcompartment orin the appropriatecompartment if theselected programme/opti

Page 6 - Safety instructions

b. Press the button until the displayshows .Press the button again to startthe programme immediately.Interrupting a programme and changingthe opti

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2. When the programme is completed andthe door lock indicator goes off, youcan open the door.3. Turn the programme knob to theposition to deactiva

Page 8 - ENGLISH 8

obtained from the relevant water supplycompany, or from your local authority.Characteris-ticDegrees of water hard-nessGerman°dHFrench °T.H.Soft 0-7 0-

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ProgrammeTemperaturerangeMaximum loadReference spinspeedProgramme description(Type of load and soil level)HANDWASH40° - 30° - (Cold)2 kg900 rpmDelicat

Page 10 - ENGLISH 10

ProgrammeTemperaturerangeMaximum loadReference spinspeedProgramme description(Type of load and soil level) Spin7 kg1400 rpmAll fabrics, except woollen

Page 11 - ENGLISH 11

Programme1)2) 3) 4) 1) This option is active only at 40° C and 60° C.2) When you set this option, we recom

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ENGLISHPlease refer to the last page of this manual for the full list of IKEAappointed After Sales Service Provider and relative national phonenumbers

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Programmes Load (kg) Energy con-sumption(kWh)Water con-sumption (li-tre)Approximateprogrammeduration (mi-nutes)Remainingmoisture(%)1)Standard 40°C cot

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Use a stiff brush toclean and remove allwashing powderresidue.Flush out all theremoved parts of thedispenser drawerunder a tap toremove any traces ofa

Page 15 - ENGLISH 15

Cleaning the inlet filter and the filter valveIf the appliance takes long to fill with wateror doesn't fill, the starting button indicatorflashes

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• replace the emergency emptying hose inits seat after having plugged it;• screw the filter cover again and close thedoor.TroubleshootingWarning! Refe

Page 17 - ENGLISH 17

Problem Possible cause SolutionThe appliancedoes not fill thewater:The water tap is closed.(The red indicator of button flashes).Open the water tap.Th

Page 18 - ENGLISH 18

Problem Possible cause SolutionThe applianceswitches off dur-ing the washingphase:The mains supply has been cut off. Wait for the electricity restore.

Page 19 - ENGLISH 19

Problem Possible cause SolutionThe applianceproduces an un-usual noise:The transit bolts and packing havenot been removed.Check the correct installati

Page 20 - ENGLISH 20

Dimensions Width (cm) 59,6Height (cm) 82Depth (cm) 54,4 maxWater supply pressure1)Minimum 0,5 bar (0,05 MPa)Maximum 8 bar (0,8 MPa)Cotton max. load (k

Page 21 - ENGLISH 21

IKEA guaranteeHow long is the IKEA guarantee valid?This guarantee is valid for 5 years from theoriginal date of purchase of Your applianceat IKEA. The

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damage that may occur during transport.However, if IKEA delivers the product tothe customer's delivery address, thendamage to the product that oc

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In order to provide You with aquicker service, we recommendthat You use the specific phonenumbers listed at the end of thismanual. Always refer to the

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31emit gninepOeeF llaCrebmun enohPyrtnuoCBelgië 070 246016 Binnenlandse gesprekskosten 8 tot 20 Weekdagen eniames nE .02 à 8 xuanoitan sle

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132901782-A-462018© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 201821552AA-1609380-2

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ContentsSafety information 4Safety instructions 6Product description 8Control panel 9Before first use 12Daily use 12Hints and tips 15Programmes 16Cons

Page 28 - IKEA guarantee

• Keep children and pets away from the appliance when thedoor is open.• If the appliance has a child safety device, it should beactivated.• Children s

Page 29

• Clean the appliance with a moist cloth. Use only neutraldetergents. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaningpads, solvents or metal objects.S

Page 30

devices fitted (water meters, etc.), let thewater flow until it is clean and clear.• Ensure that there are no visible waterleaks during and after the

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Product descriptionAppliance overview1234561Detergent dispenser drawer2Control panel3Door opening handle4Rating plate5Drain filter6Adjustable feetDete

Page 32 - AA-1609380-2

Child safety deviceThis appliance incorporates a special feature to prevent children and pets becomingtrapped inside the drum.Make sure that children

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